Drilling Services

Geotech Drilling is experienced in providing full and detailed services in the following areas:





Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Trenchless Technology
  • Shore Approaches and River Crossings
  • Duct and Cable Installations
  • Utility Installations

Geotech Drilling has a HDD drilling capability of :

  • up to 2.5 km
  • up to 1500mm diameter HDPE pipe

Geotech Drilling operates 2 Maxi HDD Rigs with:

  • Push/Pull Capacity of 270 tonnes (600,000lbs)
  • Push/Pull Capacity of 180 tonnes (400,000lbs)



All rigs are tralier mounted resulting in reduced mobilisation/demobilisation times and costs.



Vertical Drilling

* Coal Seam Gas Drilling
* Coring
* Workovers

Geotech Drilling operates 2 vertical rigs with:

* Push/Pull capacity of 45 tonnes (100,000lbs),
* with one rig capable of entry at angles between 10 and 90  degrees


Geotech Drilling is ideally placed to undertake:

Surface to In-Seam Drilling (SIS)  or  Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) works.



Horizontal Directional Drilling
Horizontal Directional Drilling
Vertical Drilling
Vertical Drilling
Surface to In Seam Drilling
Surface to In Seam Drilling